Colored FFP2 masks (35 pieces) + 1 Disinfectant Spray


Protective filtering masks FFP2 produced 100% in Italy CE 0068 certified according to European standard en149:2001 + A1 2009, which provides for characteristics and methods of testing and filtering extremely rigorous. Free Disinfectant Spray (alcohol 80%) that eliminates bacteria and viruses, authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health.

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  1. Colombero Caterina (verified owner)

    Sono esteticamente belle e coprono bene il viso.

  2. Colombero Caterina (verified owner)

    Hanno elastici che non tagliamo le orecchie e coprono bene anche i visi più grandi ottime

  3. Colombero Caterina (verified owner)

    Sono comode e colorate sono esteticamente belle

  4. Mapi

    Of all the FFP2 masks I've tried, these are the only ones that REALLY don't pull and hurt behind the ears, despite the excellent fit. I bought them in black and burgundy, the colours match the photos and the matching elastic bands make them look good too. I'm recommending them to everyone!

  5. Andrea

    I have tried many different brands of masks and they all have elastic bands that cut the ears, but this one has a soft elastic band and it almost seems as if you are not wearing it, Great product recommended

  6. Fabio B. (verified owner)

    Excellent masks, really made in Italy. Great price and high quality. Recommended

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