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Grazie alle nostre mascherine FFP2 Airplume, dall’elevato potere filtrante, potrai proteggerti senza rinunciare a una sensazione di maggior freschezza e respirabilità: le mascherine Airplume, infatti, sono realizzate con un doppio strato protettivo che ti proteggerà garantendoti la massima traspirabilità!

Make your house comfortable

Essences and Soaps

Take care of your physical and mental well-being and perfume your home with care, thanks to the benefits of aromatherapy and natural essential oils, with relaxing, revitalizing and sanitizing effects.
Keep your skin perfectly clean and scented, thanks to the six delicate fragrances of the soaps Profumi d'Italia.

Against muscle pains

Arnica Montana

Discover the benefits of our Arnica Montana line, with its antioxidant and soothing action. Ideal for those who practice sports, but not only: whether it's muscle and joint pain, trauma and bruises, or a simple revitalizing massage, the Arnica Montana line is what you need.

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For your skin's well-being

Face Masks and
Sun Protection

Our face masks and creams are dermatologically tested and made with natural extracts, vitamins and collagen. The presence of Hydrogel produces an immediate moisturizing and decongestant action on your face, purifying and rejuvenating your skin.

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Discover our household, personal care and protection against Covid-19 products

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